domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Android apps Analysis

Internet browsers:

Browser - Version - App file size - RAM used*
-Atlas - 1.30 MB - 40 MB
Desktop/Mobile mode, no autostarts, content filter, works with Has an "Exit" button
-CMbrowser 5.1.80 - 4.29 MB -50MB
It requires few rights and has few autostarts. Works with Also has a "Quit" button
-Firefox 34.0.1 - 41.33MB -88MB
Opensource and powerful but too heavy, moreover it autostart after too many events. it has not an "Exit" button. Available at F-droid
-Lightning - 4.30MB -36MB
Opensource and very light, it requires standard rights. works with Available at F-droid (acr.browser.lightning)
-Opera v14.0.1 (last browser with an Opera engine)
-Opera Mini 8.0.1807 - 5.57MB -26MB
It requires few rights and has few autostarts, moreover it is removed from memory when it is not used.

-UC browser 10.4.1 - 37.83MB
Trustfulness behaviour, it has an "Exit" option but it doesn't work as expected, and it keeps process on memory and even  open TCP/IP connections, why? where?  I consider too dangerous a software with this kind of behaviours.

Internet browsers Notes:
-* Approximated Memory used when  loading
-Firefox for Android/Fennec (APKs)